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Narrativa The Violinist VR

Febrary 15, 1972

My name is Patrick Keen and I don't know how i've arrived to "Time", an underground station that i've never seen. I arrived to the platform, i've remained standing scared and I haven't dared to ask the only passer-buy there was: a violinist sitting on a bench witch a lost look. He didn't stop playing the same melody. I walked quickly to catch the last train to arrive home but an oversight led me here The last train has just passed quickly without stopping and the clock of de station has started to sound indicating the twelve o'clock. Suddenly, a blackout has ocurred because of a fire in the electrical box.

In the darkness only the flames could be seen. Some steps were heard. Someone has connected the lights When the station was illuminated again, a lot of things were changed. Everything looked older. A terrifying figure over two metres walked toward's me with thereatening gestures. I wanted to wake up home, and everything was a dream but, unfortunately this situation is real and I've jumped on the tracks to avoid the attack of that beast. I've woken up stunmed by the fall. the violinist was standing playing at the place where I was before I jumped. Behim him, that infernal-looking being seemed dominated by music and it has fallen slowley on the ground and it has disapeared. The musician continued playing as if nothing had happened while his image has faled to disapear and, the violin, suspended in the air, played alone as if by magic transforming itself into a crow that flew and settled on the lifeless violinist body that lied on the bench. A scream full of angar was heard in the silence.

I felt alone and pamic of meeting to the beast again, so, i've gone down from the platform and i've walked through the tracks. There were a little lighting, rat s and a lot of dirt. i've walked around forty minutes until i've seen a hoperful light in the distance "perhaps it is the exit"-I hought. I've walked faster and i've checked with optimism it was the next station but, when i've arrived... my God! It was "Time" again. i've felt panic again because I was caught in a incomprehensible place and I didn't know how go out. I remembered that, when I walked the tracks I saw an old wooden door on the right, around 400 metres where I was now and I've returned to inspect. when i've arrived to the door, I've noticed a thick light behind it that changed intensity every moment... I realized that I wasn't alone and I've felt panic of meeting that terriflying creature. I've pushed the door for a possible escape.

when i've opened the door, there was a small room opposite me i've gone in. There wasn't any exit, a lit candle illuminated that dirty and messy place. No doubt the abandoned room had been inhabited by the violinist. When I've looked arround me, i've seen the violin carefully supported on a table. There were a gramophone and some discs too. On the cover of one of the albumns appeared the violinist wearing a tuxedo and a date: 1912. On the wal there was a Marc Chagall picture; the violinist on the roof. Among the mess i've found a diary with some muniscals notes. Next to the diary, there were a pen and a inkwe and i've put then in my pocket. Before I went out to the platform. After that i've rested for two hours them i've decided to write what it is happening I think i've been about 24 hours i'n this place and i'm thirsty, so, I'm going to return to the violinist's room to loock for some water.

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